Abdullah Alsheddy

BSc, MSc, PhD in Computer Science

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Abdullah Alsheddy

In the name of allah

Salam Alikum - Hello 

Thank you for coming across my personal web site!

You will find here (hopefully up-to-date) some information about me and my research!

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at the Computer and Information Scieneces College in Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (ImamU), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Additionaly, I am acting as a Vice-Dean for Development & Quality in the Deanship of Female Education Centre in ImamU.

My research focuses on Artificial and Computational Intelligence techniques, main of which are optimization algorithms (heuristics, metaheuristics, evolutionary computation), machine learning and constraint programming.

My main interest is in the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in designing clever decision-support systems for domains such as resource management, logistics and business.


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